Payroll Service Program

Payroll Service Program

Cristina Powers June 27, 2020

Our Payroll Service Program includes the following services: preparation of payroll checks, check signature, direct deposit, payroll check cards, deposit of tax liability, various human resource reports, track workers’ compensation, handle 3rd party garnishments, track company benefits per employee, filing of quarterly and year-end returns and W-2 printing. White Buffalo Payroll can receive payroll information via our web program NetPayPro, Remote Access System (RAS), file download, modem or fax. NET PAY PRO is easy to use and only requires a connection to the Internet. Our clients all have the capability to receive checks and reports via a password protected email or via Federal Express. Because of the use of technology our pricing is very competitive with other payroll services. The use of printing checks and reports at your location will eliminate any delivery costs. Our other fees are very competitive and can save your company money. White Buffalo also prides itself on long term relationships based on high quality customer service and payroll accuracy. Please contact us or ask for a quote online to see what White Buffalo Payroll can save you!

Internet Payroll Entry

Our Secure Internet-based Net Pay Pro and Remote Access System (RAS)software tools allow you to enter and manage your payroll, tax filings, and deposits according to your schedule, 24 x 7 x 365. We handle all technical support and software updates, alleviating your company of these costs and responsibilities.

Preparation of Payroll Checks

Payroll checks are prepared based on your Internet Payroll Entry and the company and bank account information you supply. Your choice of output
method(s) can include printing at White Buffalo Payroll’s location, printing
at your location (via email), and direct deposit to your employees’ bank accounts.

Check Signature

Each client has the option for automatic check signature. With this option, all payroll checks are printed with an approved signature already on them. This option is a favorite of those owners who cannot find the time to sign every payroll check.

Preparation of Payroll Reports

Can produce over 200 easy-to-read payroll reports, both hard-copy and on a secure website, are generated with each payroll run. These reports provide weekly, quarterly and yearly information regarding payroll, and update each employee’s information on a weekly basis.

Deposit of Payroll Taxes

All required taxes, whether weekly, monthly or quarterly, are withdrawn from the client-specified bank account and are deposited on the client’s behalf in a timely manner. More details!

Tracking Workers Compensation

Your company provides workers compensation codes and rates; these are applied to an employee and a job, and are tracked during the processing period. A report is available to assist during workers compensation audits. This valuable service often eliminates large, unexpected, post-audit workers compensation premium charges.

Payroll Reports and W-2’s

Accurate and timely preparation and filing of all applicable federal, state, local and unemployment quarterly returns alleviates any worries of filing penalties. W-2s for all employees staffed through your business throughout the year are prepared at year end.

New Hire Reports

White Buffalo Payroll reports specific, new employee information to a state directory of new hires, which enables employers to comply with the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996. Click here for more information: